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Bebot Bello was not nominated by the NDFP; that he was appointed by President-elect Duterte even before we submitted our list; and that we raised no objections considering that Bebot is a known patriot and has a track record of holding progressive views and positions, Agcaoili said.
The all First Nations DJ and electronic act has won several Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards, but they are not nominated for the Juno Category Aboriginal Album of the year.
George Clooney, NOT nominated for best supporting actor in "Gravity":
Other factions and the Prime Minister have not nominated their candidates.
However, the government has not nominated any co-accused in the case and the complaint does not blame Musharraf for the 1999 military coup.
Asked to comment on the step, Interior Minister Tsvetelin Yovchev argued that he had not nominated Ivanov but had merely accepted a political proposal of the party of which Ivanov was a member.
not nominated their own candidates and are not going to support anyone, to join Arakelutyun's proposal.
Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, was not pleased that Bieber was not nominated for a single Grammy.
that she is not nominated to play the role of ousted First Lady of Egypt Suzan
Gadhafi said the National Transitional Council, which has assumed leadership of the country since then-rebel forces swept into Tripoli in late August, has no legitimacy because it was not nominated or appointed by the Libyan people.
Anyone who is not nominated at the Caucus who wishes to run for office may do so by taking out nomination papers at the Town Clerk's Office.
YOU SAID: Congratulations to all winners, runners up, people who were nominated, and the many unsung heroes in the Gazette area who were not nominated.