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NOTSNiche Off the Shelf
NOTSNaval Ordnance Test Station
NOTSNegligent Operator Treatment System (California DMV)
NOTSNight of the Stormrider (Metal album)
NOTSNew Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans (Church of Scientology)
NOTSNorrenberns Truck Service (Nashville, IL)
NOTSNight of 1000 Stevies (Stevie Nicks tribute event)
NOTSNATO Off The Shelf
NOTSNot Off-The-Shelf
NOTSNotice of Trustees Sale (real estate foreclosure)
NOTSNobody on the Street
NOTSNaval Overseas Transport Service
NOTSNear-Surface Ocean Thermal Structure
NOTSNaval Operational Tactical System
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Wilma added: "My designer dresses are not off-the-shelf items.
A lot of times these days," Dyer interrupted, "hip joints and bone screws and the like are not off-the-shelf.
However, if the software is not off-the-shelf, or if major changes or additions to the off-the-shelf software are required for it to function, no aspect of the contractual agreement would qualify for accounting as a service.
As mentioned before, some of the bigger, old-fashioned CNC companies have introduced their "PC compatible" CNC controls, which still use proprietary hardware and not off-the-shelf PC hardware.
13 micron designs are not off-the-shelf commodities," said Roderick Urquhart, European Director of Consulting Design Services at Synopsys Professional Services.
A great deal of industrial sourcing activity relates to requests for custom products - not off-the-shelf, commodity-type items.