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NRNNation's Restaurant News
NRNNational Radio Network (various locations)
NRNNo Response Necessary
NRNNational Research Network
NRNNetware Remote Node
NRNNo Reply Necessary
NRNNon Resident Nepali Association
NRNNational Research Networks
NRNNot Right Now
NRNNext Random Number
NRNNew Republic Navy (gaming)
NRNNetwork Routing Number (AT&T)
NRNNASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) Racing News (now NASCAR Network)
NRNNouvelle Revue Neuchâteloise (French)
NRNNIMA (National Imagery and Mapping Agency) Reference Number (USGS)
NRNNetwork Resource Negotiator
NRNNo Response Necessary/Needed
NRNNon-Resonating Node
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NRN himself, as acknowledged in the introduction, has tried to eliminate repetition as far as possible.
Al cumplirse veinte anos del golpe de Estado de 1976, los resultados de este proceso social se vieron reflejados en la confluencia masiva de diferentes sectores en la historica Plaza de Mayo para repudiar el nRN y reclamar "Memo ria, Verdad y Justicia" frente a las declaraciones del entonces presidente argentino Carlos Menem (1989-1999) quien reivindicaba los indultos y decretaba el "cierre definitivo de las heridas del pasado" (11).
Abbreviations: DRL, dead root length; DRN, dead root number; NRL, new root length; NRN, new root number; RD, maximum rooting depth; RML, root mortality ratio in length; RMN, root mortality ratio in number; TRL, total root length; TRN, total root number.
AFAIK As Far As I Know AMHIK Ask Me How I Know B4 Before BCNU Be Seein' You BTL Between The Lines BTW By The Way CU See You CUL8TR See You Later D/L Download FWIW For What It's Worth FAQ Frequently Asked Question F2F Face to Face FYA For Your Amusement FYI For Your Information GA Go Ahead GMTA Great Minds Think Alike HD Hard Drive or High Density IMHO In My Humble Opinion KISS Keep It Simple Stupid LAN Local Area Network L8R Later MSG Message MYOB Mind Your Own Business NRN No Reply Necessary OIC Oh, I See POV Point Of View RFI Request For Information SBI So Be It SO Significant Other S/W Shareware TAFW That's All For Now TBC To Be Continued TIA Thanks In Advance TNX Thanks
The same, it may be added, is shown by such cases as nrmh pahi :: nrn pahi.
Israel Atomic Energy Commission Director Zeev Senir said, "The NRN is characterized by excellent people.
The optical density of the end product was measured at 450 nrn using a microplate reader.
The isolated principle was a white crystalline compound with UV (MeOH) Amax 190, 214 nrn, LC--MS (MW): 397 [M--H], 399 [M+H]+, 421 [M+Na]+, 423 [M+Na+2]+, 437 [M+K]+.
The NRN Benchmark Report is provided annually for free as a service to the IRB community.
Rameshwar Shah, regional conference coordinator and treasurer of NRN Global, the organisers of the convention, told Khaleej Times that the Non-Resident Nepalese Act of 2007 allowed Nepali expatriates to invest in any industry in their country in dollars and could get it back in dollars.