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NUDNon-Ulcer Dyspepsia
NUDNon-numerical Unstructured Data
NUDNorthshore Utility District (Kenmore, WA)
NUDNon-Urban Dictate (marketing)
NUDNational Underwear Day (
NUDNon-University Differential
NUDNon Update
NUDNew, Unique, & Difficult
NUDNor-Cal Underground Design
NUDNational Unfriend Day (fictional holiday)
NUDNational Union of the Deaf (UK)
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In The Merlin Conspiracy, the established governmental figures--the king, those court members not taken by Gwyn Ap Nud and the Count of Blest for their crimes, the true Merlin, the Lady of Governance, and other authority figures--remain or are reinstated in their positions at the end of the novel, the king with only the rather mild rebuke by Blest's version of King Arthur that "Others have done almost as badly [as he in overseeing the kingdom]" (458).
In Cape Town, a prevalence of 63% of the pathogen in NUD patients based on histology reports was documented, (13) and a prevalence of 81% in NUD patients based on serology testing.
This allowed cross-referencing among the raw data, the informant profiles and the coded chunks in the NUD.
Further, the financial impact of treating patients with NUD with H.
In order to retrieve documents and text segments efficiently, data were coded by the computer package NUD.
QSR NUD * IST: Software for qualitative data analysis (4th ed.
All group sessions were tape-recorded, transcribed verbatim, and analyzed using a qualitative research software (QSR NUD.
617) 961-3909 Idealist Blackstone Software InfoTree32 XT Next Word Software Inspiration Inspiration Software (800) 877-4292 Kwalitan Vincent Peters Martin Simmonds Center (608) 263-5336 for Instruction and Research in Nursing MECA Department of Social (412) 268-3225 and Decision Sciences MetaDesign Meta Software (617) 576-6920 Corporation NUD * IST Scolari (805) 499-0721 QCA Kriss Drass (702) 895-0247 QUALPRO Bernard Blackman (904) 668-9865 SemNet Kathleen Fisher (619) 594-4453 Sonar Professional Virginia Systems (804) 739-3200 TEXTBASE Bo Summerlund ALPHA/BETA The Date Collector Intellimation (805) 968-2291 The Ethnograph Scolari (805) 499-0721 The Text Collector Dennis V.
Et a dire vrai, c'etoit assez que son imagination lui presentat son esprit tout nud, pour lui faire croire qu'il l'avoit mis effectivement dans cet etat.
Although it may please the NUD patient (and his or her physician) to learn that surgery is unnecessary, the lack of an obvious explanation for the problem can be frustrating.
One Happy Camper, a program of the Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC), is sponsoring the NUD.