NUFCNewcastle United Football Club (British soccer team)
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My point that NUFC has spent nothing like PS145m to assemble their current squad after taking into account transfer money received.
The board of NUFC have responsibility to ensure that the club is able to meet its commitments, which include the wages and the transfer fees for players.
They informed us that his existing contract had expired and the player had decided he wished to leave NUFC.
The NUFC Fans Food Bank, which performs collections before every home match, has been helping the group and football supporters have been making generous donations for many months.
Our Merseyside colleagues inspired our own initiative The NUFC SupportersTrust
Donna O'Reilly TOP TREND: Disabled ex-miner Billy was given the greatest surprise of his life as he attended his first NUFC match in 20 years following a stroke.
HMRC could not say whether the material seized from NUFC premises and Mr Charnley's "inculpates or exculpates the club" because it had so far not been permitted to examine it, said Mr Nathan.
Last but not least, any chance of NUFC selling Christmas cards this year?
Whoever raises the most sponsorship for Ballboys will win a signed NUFC strip plus two tickets for any NUFC home game.
Who would be your ideal signing now (within NUFC budget)?