NUSUNipissing University Student Union (Canada)
NUSU(Integral Boiling) Nuclear Superheating Reactor
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NUSU marginalised genders officer Emily Sherwood brought the motion in support of the strikers to the council, and resigned at the meeting when the motion failed to pass.
After the votes, Mr Reid said: "As a result of the Student Council meeting of February 8, it has been decided that NUSU will take a neutral stance on the proposed industrial strikes beginning on February 22.
Ndii dismissed claims NASA is using the swearing-in as a bargaining chip for dialogue or mkate nusu.
As many students start to pack up and leave their rented homes for the summer, NUSU has brought student volunteers onto the streets, removing any rubbish which has built up around student houses after their inhabitants have left.
NASA is not interested in having a Nusu Mkate [coalition government], all we want is electoral justice.
A team of student volunteers NUSU Community Representatives will be going around Newcastle to pick up any donations left on doorsteps and donation bags were posted through letter boxes, as well as being handed out around campus and at the Students' Union.
The Nusu Mkate government of 2008 to 2013 was intended to reconcile the country.
Nicola Chapman, marketing assistant at NUSU, said: "With the end of term fast approaching, the Christmas light display is a way for the Union to say merry Christmas to all our students.
Meanwhile, the NUSU banned the Sun and Daily Star in March 2013 to show its support for the No More Page 3 campaign.
Rob will be performing at the Newcastle University NUSU charity fundraiser on Monday at 7pm, pounds 5.