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NUTNational Union of Teachers (UK)
NUTNetwork UPS Tools
NUTNatur und Technik (German: Nature and Technology)
NUTNiue Time (time zone)
NUTNaturwissenschaft und Technik (German: Science and Technology)
NUTNetwork Ups Tool
NUTNode Under Test
NUTNo Uniform Today (schools)
NUTNuclear Utilization Theory (foreign policy)
NUTNumber Unobtainable Tone (telecommunications)
NUTNetwork University of Twente (The Netherlands)
NUTNebulous Unit of Time (replacement for 'Story Point' in XP)
NUTNew or Unusual Technology
NUTNon-pre-emptive, Unprotected Traffic (Sprint)
References in classic literature ?
GOODY TIPTOES picked up the nut bags and went home.
Just another nut --or two nuts; let me crack them for you," said the Chipmunk.
The nuts are quite ripe now,' said Chanticleer to his wife Partlet,
Now, whether it was that they had eaten so many nuts that they could not walk, or whether they were lazy and would not, I do not know: however, they took it into their heads that it did not become them to go home on foot.
When they sat down on the grass with Captain curled at their feet, Soot solemnly listening on a tree and Nut and Shell nosing about close to them, it seemed to Mary that it would be scarcely bearable to leave such delightfulness, but when she began to tell her story somehow the look in Dickon's funny face gradually changed her mind.
And when she had washed up on the third night she bit the third nut, and there was a still more beautiful dress inside that was made of pure gold.
The brow of the hill, where they remained, was a cheerful spot: Louisa returned; and Mary, finding a comfortable seat for herself on the step of a stile, was very well satisfied so long as the others all stood about her; but when Louisa drew Captain Wentworth away, to try for a gleaning of nuts in an adjoining hedge-row, and they were gone by degrees quite out of sight and sound, Mary was happy no longer; she quarrelled with her own seat, was sure Louisa had got a much better somewhere, and nothing could prevent her from going to look for a better also.
Tea was despatched rapidly, therefore, and the party gathered round the wide hearth in the dining-room, where the nuts were soon dancing gaily on hot shovels or bouncing out among the company, thereby causing delightful panics among the little ones.
One Saturday morning when he was about to set off for the woods with the sling in his pocket and a bag for nuts on his shoulder, his grandfather stopped him.
And the Scarecrow found a tree full of nuts and filled Dorothy's basket with them, so that she would not be hungry for a long time.
The drama and tragedy of the future were yet to come upon the stage, and in the meantime we pounded nuts and lived.
It was very exciting at that season to roam the then boundless chestnut woods of Lincoln -- they now sleep their long sleep under the railroad -- with a bag on my shoulder, and a stick to open burs with in my hand, for I did not always wait for the frost, amid the rustling of leaves and the loud reproofs of the red squirrels and the jays, whose half-consumed nuts I sometimes stole, for the burs which they had selected were sure to contain sound ones.