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O-LEVELOrganizational Level (Maintenance)
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who goes to the International School of Choueifat in Sharjah, said she has been studying hard for her O-levels because she wants to follow in her brother and sister's footsteps.
He is perhaps the only child in the world to have passed all the science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics) of O-levels at this age.
Rai Haris Manzoor, who studied in a private school till 2012 and after that at home by his parents, passed the O-Level exam in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, Dawn.
MICHAEL Gove has appeared to soften his position on radical reforms that would see the return of O-levels and CSEs after an outcry over the proposals.
The three children were O-Level students of Washington Grammar School in Karachi, Hassan added.
If Pompey still want a 'technical director', I know my dad is at a loose end and has an O-level in technical drawing.
2] cartridges inside the LPU, and there are no O-level procedures for inspecting them.
Britain's 16-year-olds are stumped by old-style O-level chemistry questions, an online competition revealed.
He said: ``I know there are a few teachers out there who never thought I'd get an O-level let alone a degree.
One cannot advance to A-level studies without examination success at O-level, and the transition is extreme.
O-Level remove and replace actions for each maintenance significant WRA