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OROregon (US postal abbreviation)
OROperating Room
OROn Request
OROutdoor Research
OROffice of Record
OROfficial Records (Of the American Civil War; historical citations)
OROrange Range (Japanese rock band)
OROrganization Administrator
ORObject Reference (CORBA)
OROperating Range
OROpen Repair
OROperations Research
OROperations Room
OROperations Requirements
OROperations Resources
OROntario Reports
OROak Ridge
OROfficer Representative
OROn-Site Representative
OROpen Root (welding)
ORObject Recognition
ORObjective Response
OROptical Router
OROdds Ratio (element of statistical regression analysis, science)
OROverall Resistance
OROfficial Receipt
OROxygen Reduction
OROlympic Record
OROperational Reserve
OROperational Review
OROperational Research
OROperational Requirement
OROperational Reliability
OROther Ranks (British military)
ORObserved Ratio
OROptimal Routing (telecom)
OROnion Ring
OROverload Relay
OROccupancy Rate
ORObject Reuse
OROccurrence Report
OROffensive Rebound (basketball)
OROrganized Rhyme (rap group)
OROperational Readiness
ORObject to Relational
OROperating Reactor
OROpen Repositories (Conference)
OROutside Rehearsals
OROmani Rial (national currency)
OROperationally Ready
OROsservatore Romano (Vatican newapaper)
OROmnidirectional Range
OROrgone (energy)
OROwn Recognizance
OROver Rate (cricket scoring)
OROwner's Risk
OROwyhee River (Snake River; various locations)
OROnion Routing
OROmega Rho (honors society for Operations Researchers)
OROristano, Sardegna (Italian province)
OROffence Report (police incident code; New Zealand)
OROriginator / Recipient
OROutward Radial
OROrdinary Proton (event)
OROrthogonal Region
OROrdnance Requirement
OROwasco River Railroad
OROutward Routing
OROld Ruymian (alumni of Chatham House Grammar School for boys, Ramsgate, Kent, UK)
OROnly Replication/Replicating
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Founded in 2007, The O-Ring Store LLC is a worldwide supplier of O-Rings, Seals and custom kits.
If serotonin contents of the pineal gland change depending upon the grade of resonance," Takeshige writes, "and if the effect of serotonin in raphe nucleus to the extensor [gamma]-motor neuron system [which involuntarily regulates muscle tone] is different from that to the flexor [gamma]-system, the total muscle tone of the finger muscles making O-ring should be changed during BDORT.
O-ring lead-ins (chamfers) should be 15[degrees] and as wide as the o-ring cross-section.
Under the new agreement, building owners now may be able to hire their own contractors to replace the O-ring sprinklers and receive reimbursement from Central toward the labor costs.
The primary O-ring and the secondary O-ring were originally listed as "Criticality 1R" items in the NASA engineers' jargon: "criticality 1" because the item's failure would produce loss of life or vehicle and "R" because the items were considered fully independent or redundant.
Measurements cited by the commission, in fact, showed that "a compressed O-ring at 75 degrees Fahrenheit is five times more responsive in returning to its uncompressed shape than a cold O-ring at 30 degrees Fahrenheit.
9755954 O-ring (13607-222) / O-rings 13607-222 - 40pcs.
The swivelling O-ring feature serves as the anchorage connection point, allowing for an easy hook up.
Without the O-ring in place, feed (source) water bypasses the RO element cartridges.
In this case, a combination of factors combined to create a new mechanism of o-ring failure.