O11Ocean's Eleven (2001 movie)
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Also that three most common serotypes present in Spain were found to be O1, O4 and O11 and constituted more than 50% of all isolates [36].
Keywords: Redistribution, inequality, growth; JEL: O11, O15, 047, E62, H23]
En cada objetivo O1, O2, O6, O11, O12, O13, O15, O17 [kappa] = 1; O9 [kappa] = 0,934; O8 [kappa] = 0,928; O3 [kappa] = 0,762 y O7 [kappa] = 0,319.
Palabras clave: crecimiento endogeno, rendimientos crecientes; teoria macroeconomica, demanda reciproca, crecimiento autosostenido, JEL: F43, O11, 043]
Journal of Economic Literature Classification Numbers: C22, C50, E65, F36, F41, O11
Palabras clave: desarrollo economico, genero, inequidad, impacto social, JEL: E66, O11, O21]
CGA isolates differed significantly from controls, according to almost all characteristics analyzed; they were significantly enriched with the O11, O17, and 077 antigens, certain VFs (F16 papA allele, papAHCEFG, papG allele II, iha, iutA, kpsM II, traT, and ompT), and ExPEC status, but lacked other traits (Figure 2).