O2AOscar Two Alpha (call sign of Clanton, Al, USA Airport at Gragg-Wade Airfield)
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While 72 percent of service providers believe an ability to predict order fallout within the O2A process is key for business outcomes such as revenue leakage prevention and a positive customer experience, 57 percent do not apply BI and analytics tools for this purpose.
Surprisingly, 52 percent of service providers do not analyze or actively measure key performance indicators (KPIs) associated with the O2A process (e.
There's a growing complexity within service provider ecosystems related to the number of departments and channels involved in the O2A process, further driving the need for dedicated BI/analytics tools that can simplify data analysis.
Data collected during the O2A process enables operators to identify root causes that can serve not only to improve the process itself, but also to improve key business outcomes, such as profitability and the customer experience," said Clare McCarthy, Lead Analyst Telco operations & IT at Ovum.
We are seeing service providers shifting from traditional strategies focused on improving operational parameters within the O2A process, such as order handling time, to predictive models aimed at proactively preventing issues," said Rebecca Prudhomme, Amdocs vice president for product and solutions marketing.
The Amdocs O2A managed services solution provides a holistic, automated, analytics-based approach to assess, manage and proactively optimize the entire O2A process.
An end-to-end solution, covering all IT and operational aspects of O2A, was clearly identified as the most attractive solution.
Current O2A systems and processes remain fragmented: Just nine percent of service providers were "very satisfied" with their O2A operations and 48 percent currently have little or no automation.
Service providers seek to improve O2A with end-to-end managed solutions: 64 percent want to implement end-to-end management of all aspects of O2A activities, 65 percent wish to automate order flow-through for complex IP services, and 64 percent want automated service orchestration.
They are turning to Amdocs for our O2A offering, a Value Process Operation (VPO) combining services, technology and operation capabilities, to improve key performance indicators and increase revenues while reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction through streamlined processes and automation.
Army Signal Center of Excellence Office Chief of Signal has worked diligently to fill the O2A position with highly qualified FA53s to ensure commanders' have the right individual with the right skill sets.
However, does the application of an O2A, FA57, 11B, and 13B in the sections provide the commander with the right people possessing the right skill sets?