O4WOld Fourth Ward (Atlanta, GA)
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WinWin specializes in hosting O4W and OpenInsight-based websites and currently hosts sites for retail systems, financial operations, and product download websites.
The O4W Development Toolkit makes it possible for multivalue developers with limited or no HTML/XML/ JavaScript experience to develop feature rich web pages.
The advancements with CGI and Revelation's O4W keep data flowing out to the latest and greatest apps and that's been extremely useful.
PDFs are then generated on-the-fly using OpenInsight and O4W," said Jarvis.
OpenInsight's O4W tool is designed as a framework for Revelation developers to build web apps without having to learn a variety of other languages.
There will always be customers that want their data secure and locked down on their own servers, says Furlong, but Revelation's work on O4W is providing Ardbrook with the agility to address clients' emerging requirements.
This year, particular emphasis was placed on O4W training.
O4W has made it possible for CDM to offer eTraumaBase, a new web-enabled version of TraumaBase that allows remote clinics and facilities to input their data easily online.
That is our strength, that is what we want to do, and with O4W that was what was introduced--the capacity to actually use a handheld device anywhere in the world and be able to modify it and support it effectively," says Mutch.
O4W is designed to work the way OpenInsight developers think, taking advantage of the skills and knowledge they already have.
Our development tools target both the experienced developer as well as the less tech-savvy user, as seen in our O4W product.
Using O4W (OpenInsight for Web), a new module within Revelation Software's latest release of OpenInsight, MVP has been able to quickly revamp Sportspak.