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OA1Ocular Albinism 1
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With reference to the response of beams without web reinforcement (Beams OA1, OA2, and OA3; Figure 6(a)-(c)), it is evident that Response-2000 underestimates the actual beam capacity quite significantly.
Effects of dietary organic acid blends on growth performance in finishing pigs Items CON (1) OA1 (1) OA2 (1) SE p-value Linear Quadratic 0 to 6 weeks ADG (g) 779 806 820 7.
New insights into ocular albinism type 1 (OA1): mutations and polymorphisms of the OA1 gene.
The OA1 to OA3 are the LM741 type or similar operational amplifiers, the diodes are the 1N4148 type or similar general-purpose devices.
This is the reason Green OA1 mandates are the highest priority.