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The last of the Tuskegee airmen concluded their training at OAAF in December, 1943, prior to shipping out for combat duties in the Mediterranean and European Theaters in WWII early in 1944.
From this date, all P--47 training for French pilots from detachments four through eight was conducted at OAAF.
With the arrival of the French airmen and the enlisted personnel from Blackstone AAF, the number of personnel assigned to OAAF jumped from approximately 220 men on July 1, to nearly 1000 men by July 31.
Some American pilots assigned as flight instructors were members of the support staff at OAAF.
In addition to the Lake Huron target area, a fifteen mile by fifteen mile danger zone was located just to the north and west of the Oscoda airfield; aircraft attacking ground targets at the west edge of the OAAF airfield would maneuver in this area.
The cornerstone of the OAAF is the understanding that delivery of visual computing technologies requires a high level of cooperation between hardware and software vendors.