OADMOptical Add-Drop Multiplexer (optical telecommunications device)
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All the light paths that directly pass an OADM are termed cut-through lightpaths, while those that are added or dropped at the OADM node are termed added/dropped lightpaths.
Avanex's PowerExchanger(TM) Reconfigurable OADM gives network designers a tool to limit the cumbersome and expensive signal conversions that hinder the performance of today's networks.
For transmitting data, these OADMs take in various optical input sources (Fibre Channel, ESCON, HCON, GigE, etc.
Global consumption of OADMs was $101 million in 2001 and will surge to $1.
OADM Markets And Opportunities: 2002-2006 provides five-year projections of OADM subsystems markets, broken down by access, metro and long-haul applications.
Integrated solutions, such as an OADM, are produced by printing multiple copies of the DMR(TM) Optical Processor on the silicon chip and interconnecting them, via optical waveguides, in a manner analogous to how integrated circuits are built up from individual transistors.
Avanex's new PowerExchanger Smart OADM will be featured along with the company's fixed and reconfigurable OADM solutions, all of which contribute to seamless optical connectivity for metro and long-haul networks by eliminating the need for complex switching and for optical-electrical-optical signal conversions.
At NFOEC, Avanex will demonstrate a PowerMux(TM) Metro OADM Processor in an 80-channel metro application, and also will demonstrate a 160-channel metro DWDM upgrade plan wherein a 20-channel demultiplexer is deployed 20 additional channels at a time to achieve full capability.
The GigaMux supports a variety of simultaneous single-wavelength and WDM architectures, including point-to-point, OADM linear, and OADM ring configurations; supporting access, metro and regional distances.
The Company's modules enable applications for use in: SONET OC-192 and SDH STM-64 and 10GbE long-reach terrestrial transmission, metropolitan area network, IP Router premise switching, OADM, High-speed data communications, and FEC (10.
EMAG markets Metrobility's Radiance chassis-based platform R5000 with interface line cards for Fast and Gigabit Ethernet, CWDM platform R4000 with multiplexer and OADM modules, standalone chassis-based platforms as well as the Radiance Access Optical Network Unit RA21.
CoreStream Agility, with its open architecture and Select OADM feature, will provide the scalable capacity, reconfigurable design flexibility, and network automation needed by BT to meet the unique requirements of 21CN.