OAPNOhio Arts Presenters Network (Columbus, OH)
OAPNOutdoor Adventure Professional Network (job search website)
OAPNOklahoma Apostolic Prayer Network
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With the participation of the OAPN, the aim is to convey the importance of conservation and sustainable use in these emblematic spaces as a primary objective and an activity with an enormous transforming force of the rural environment, with decisive influence on a multitude of people and spaces and, in turn, one of the biggest attractions for visitors.
OAPN has yielded important results for sustainable development in biosphere reserves through mechanisms like several rural developments and sustainable tourism development funds and technical seminars, as well as its contribution to the success of the Third World Congress of Biosphere Reserves, which was held in Madrid in 2008.
The efforts made by the OAPN to improve accessibility to National Parks have also been valued, as well as to disseminate and support the development and application of tools and practices compatible with the conservation of the National Parks Network, to protected natural areas in general.