OAPPOpen Application
OAPPOffice of AIDS Programs and Policy (Los Angeles County Department of Health Services; California)
OAPPOffice of Adolescent Pregnancy Programs
OAPPOvereaters Anonymous Primary Purpose (support group)
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OAPP must use the a-h definition and has indicated that programs do not have to emphasize all eight aspects of the definition, but must not be inconsistent with any aspect of the definition.
Here OAPP is an exception, a mandatory evaluation is required, and while legislation indicated that only 3-5% of the budget be spent on evaluation waivers on this upper limit can be secured.
In spite of its evaluation success, and approval by OAPP and a number of state agencies, Sex Can Wait is not popular among conservative groups, because: (1) the publisher, ETR Associates, has historical connections with the education department of a Planned Parenthood affiliate and also publishes some materials that focus more on abstinence from "unprotected sex" rather than abstinence from "sexual activity", (2) the series provides accurate information, is neutral on religion, and abortion, and focuses on public health and life skills rather than moral purity, (3) I am one of the co-authors of the series and have been outspoken in my criticism of the a-h definition and other abstinence curricula that are popular among conservatives.