OARRSOutcome Agenda Roles Rules (meeting topics)
OARRSOhio Automated Rx Reporting System
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requires physicians to review OARRS reports on patients if "the
review an OARRS report on their patient at the beginning of treatment
may have created OARRS to identify trends of prescription abuse, yet not
all physicians are required to run reports from OARRS on controlled
making it easier for healthcare providers to access OARRS.
Medical Rule 4731-11-11 mandates OARRS reporting in some situations,
apply for an account to run OARRS reports on patients.
review OARRS reports on their patient when they suspect prescription
physician to report information in OARRS if a physician does not
only requires physicians to review an OARRS report at the inception of a
prescription is filled, it will be reported to OARRS.
OARRS cannot report on this information, and, therefore, OARRS users are