OB1Organization Block 1
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Unlike Silk Road and eBay, OB1 doesn't maintain servers, host product listings, or store transaction data.
Improving the OB factor depends on the improvement of sub-factors OB1, OB2 and OB3.
Los colores PANTONE[R] determinados por el OB1 en epicarpio de limon, por el OB2 en hoja de espinaca y por ambos observadores en pulpa de aguacate fueron identicos a los colores PANTONE[R] por aproximacion generados por Photoshop[R] CS3 Extended.
Our theory is that OB1 was so terrified by the recent earthquake that death seemed a more pleasurable outcome than continuing in this world.
The Lacerta OB1 Association, scattered over the southern half of that constellation, is located just 1,500 light-years from us, and makes a fine 7x binocular field.
Premier Div: Quarry Bank OB 0 Alsop OB 2 (Sloan, Rimmer), Collegiate OB1 (Lloyd) Old Xave-rians 3 (Mather, N Williams, B Williams), Hill Athletic 2 (Duncan, Campbell) Liverpool Nalgo 1 (Woods), Mackets 1 (Warburton) BRNSEC 0, NELTEC1 (Wilson) Warbreck 0, Roma 0 Turpins Devonshire 2 (S Jones, N Jones), East Villa 5 (Tuck (3), Moores, McGuinness) Red Rum 2 (Blundell, Jackson).
Centered about 1[omicron] north-northeast of NGC 6231 is a rich binocular field of 6th- to 9th-magnitude stars that is catalogued as the open cluster Collinder 316 or Trumpler 24: it's in fact the richest outlying part of Scorpius OB1, the vast stellar association of which NGC 6231 is the core.
Alex Stewart I-Zingari League Premier Division: Red Rum 3 (Blundell, Forde, Smith) Alsop OB1 (Ramsey), Old Xaverians 5 (Jones 2, Mather, Partington, Healey) BRNESC 1 (Fagan), Collegiate OB 5 (Davies, Wignall 2, Price, Dillon) Liverpool Nalgo 1, Hill Athletic 1 (Walsh) Roma 2 (D Cooney, Sparks), Mackets 2 (Stocks, Gargan) Turpins Devonshire 1 (Smith), Quarry Bank OB1 (Murray) NELTC 1 (Woods).
Messier 29, Berkeley 86, and Berkeley 87 are generally thought to be concentrations within the Cygnus OB1 association, a loose stellar grouping that extends across 4[degrees] x 3 1/2[degrees] of sky and is dominated by massive young stars.
Many stars scattered throughout this area belong to the Canis Major OB1 association, a loose collection of hot young suns that provide illumination for the nebula.