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OBEMObject-Based Equipment Model
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NOTE: domainLogix Corporation and OBEM XP are trademarks of domainLogix Corporation.
domainLogix will lead the joint venture to define security requirements to be met by the flexible firewall, establish the overall security reference model that will become an open industry standard, as well as utilize the object-based modeling concepts implemented as part of its OBEM XP product line.
Future releases of OBEM XP will incorporate additional application enablers that further support the company's Data on Demand concept.
With e-Wizard installed and connected to the fab network, users can access data from any tool where OBEM XP provides the connectivity," commented Mark Pendleton, domainLogix vice president, consulting services.
To create a spreadsheet, a user simply brings up the e-Wizard and selects a tool model from the OBEM XP Library.
OBEM XP provides AMD the advantage of simultaneous data access with legacy SECS/GEM 200 mm tools as well as full support of 300 mm automation requirements.
This exciting collaboration between AMD's advanced manufacturing and control applications and domainLogix OBEM XP 'data on demand(TM)' technology will for the first time enable delivery of actionable knowledge to multiple users concurrently, thereby enabling improvements in process control and integrity and manufacturing tool productivity.
DLC has received funding from the National Institute of Standards and Technology -- Advanced Technology Program (NIST/ATP) to support research and development of communications software adhering to SEMI's OBEM standard as well as a joint venture effort to develop, prototype and validate an Internet-based security framework for fabs.
Potential risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, domainLogix's and ILS Technology's limited operating history, number of customers, domainLogix's and ILS Technology's dependence on the implementation of the OBEM standards, the rate by which customers move from the existing standards to OBEM, and competition from companies with substantially greater resources.
The successful introduction of the OBEM XP(TM) product clearly indicates that the company has a clear understanding of the factory automation challenges represented by the transition to 300 mm production and has developed a viable solution to those challenges.
Wilson added that the reaction in Europe to the OBEM XP product has been considerable interest in developing pilot projects and, in fact, one such project already is underway.