OBEWSOn Board Electronic Warfare Simulator
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In discussions with JED earlier this year, a Sanders source said his company's OBEWS proposal would provide more capabilities than called for in the RFP without adding to the system cost.
As anticipated, the Air Force has decided to abandon the pod-mounted configuration of the OBEWS concept demonstration in favor of an internal system using data cartridges.
One company known to be interested in the system is Lockheed Sanders, which integrated OBEWS into its display at the recent 1992 AOC Eglin Chapter Fall Symposium.
Referring to the 10-month delay, he maintains that there was only a three-month delay, and this was intentional, to coincide with the availability of the fiscal 1992 budget next October (the original schedule called for OBEWS contract award in July 1991).
The issue of technical redirection related to the Air Force's broadening of the configuration concept to allow bidders to offer an internal data cartridge for OBEWS instead of the external pod (or shell) version originally used by AAI (see "Range in a Pod," JED, May 1989, p.
Martha Williams, OBEWS program manager, reported that Air Force brass accepted the OBEWS concept and approved funding for competitive full-scale development and production.
Meanwhile, the company is trying to interest the Navy (for F/A-18s), MAC and Special Operations in OBEWS, and has even given some thought to marketing the device overseas.