OBFMObjectives-Based Fisheries Management
OBFMOn-Board Fault Management (NASA)
OBFMOffice of Budget and Financial Management
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To further the franchising drive, OBFM is also considering a limited time program that offers additional financial and compensation incentives to the area developers for each new franchise sale and restaurant location that is opened.
Earlier this week OBFM announced that a new location is also set to open in the Greensburg, Pennsylvania area as part of the company's development plans in Pennsylvania.
Recently, OBFM released a six month revenue forecast that projects the company will generate nearly $6,400,000 in system-wide sales during the six month period of July - December of this year.
On Monday, the company was issued a new stock trading symbol, OBFM, that also coincided with the completion of the recently announced 30-1 split of the company's stock.