OBOGSOn-Board Oxygen Generating System
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Caption: Ed Gassie, assistant program manager for engineering, left, observes as John Krohn, a Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) engineer, swabs the Environmental Control System supply line to the OBOGS concentrator inlet of a T-45 Goshawk in April to help determine the cause of physiological episodes.
Post flight analysis revealed a failed component in the OBOGS system was allowing contaminated air into the system.
During the next flight, the pilot received dual bleed-off cautions, no ECS flow, and no OBOGS.
Ensuring the implementation of repair test benches OBOGS, OBIGGS, which is part of the ground system ensuring the operation of the aircraft L-159 Air Force Czech Republic.
Examples of changes stemming from ASAP include: identifying and repainting faded airfield markings, changes in local control frequencies to avoid radio bleedover, modification of a faulty T-6A OBOGS pressure switch, changes to maintenance oil servicing procedures and improved coordination with local USAF flight operations.
OBOGS uses bleed air to make usable oxygen through a series of chemical reactions and filters.
I said that I had done this step and had secured the OBOGS.
We quickly realized this was not a random caution but a bona fide, full blown, no kidding, OBOGS malfunction.
Other programmes which might eventually opt for OBOGS include the AMX and the Indian Light Combat Aircraft.