OBOGSOn-Board Oxygen Generating System
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Post flight analysis revealed a failed component in the OBOGS system was allowing contaminated air into the system.
The Litton OBOGS system for C-130 aircraft is based on the mature, off-the-shelf F-15 Eagle oxygen concentrator with minor modifications.
OBOGS is an onboard oxygen concentrator that supplies aircrew oxygen for breathing.
The delivered aircraft is the first operational F-16 to incorporate OBOGS.
We quickly realized this was not a random caution but a bona fide, full blown, no kidding, OBOGS malfunction.
OBOGS and BRAG valve are designed by Normalair Garrett, Ltd.
Other programmes which might eventually opt for OBOGS include the AMX and the Indian Light Combat Aircraft.
As a last resort, you could shut off your engine bleeds, but you must keep in mind the critical systems you will lose (such as OBOGS, cabin pressurization, anti-G and external fuel transfer).
I also dropped my mask and did not get back on the OBOGS because that could have been the source of my troubles.
The Naval Safety Center released a message in August 2005 when it became apparent that contamination from OBOGS units might be seen as a cause of hypoxia incidents.
I tried to determine if the problem was bad ambient air (cabin altitude matching actual altitude of 6,000 feet) or the air coming out of the OBOGS system, which felt stale and had weak flow.