OBRSOur Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart (Camper Van Beethoven album)
OBRSOptical Beam Rider Sensor
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We posit that consumers of organic food products are generally attempting to make educated eating choices and that this consumer group would be particularly interested to know if, and to what extent, OBRS introduces [As.
Moreover, given these authors' estimate of 15% moisture content for the syrups, we estimate that the actual contribution to As concentration in food products that include OBRS as the dried product--such as toddler formulas--would be approximately 1.
total] concentrations in the 15 infant formulas that did not contain OBRS were relatively low, in the range of 2-12 ng/g (Jackson et al.
For an infant weighing either 6 or 9 kg, both of the OBRS formulas would be above this value based on [As.
OBRS is also a popular sweetener for many cereal/energy bars and high-energy athletic performance products.
We also analyzed As concentration and speciation in three high-energy products for endurance athletes known as "energy shot blocks," each of which contained OBRS.
The As concentration in one of the energy shot blocks containing OBRS was 84 [+ or -] 3 ng/g [As.
Rice products are used in a variety of foods, including gluten-free products and, as we show here, in products where OBRS is used as an alternative to high-fructose corn syrup.
In the manuscript originally published online, the two OBRS formulas were incorrectly identified as infant formula when they are in fact toddler formula.
We purchased three commercial OBRSs from local or online stores.