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OBSAIOpen Base Station Architecture Initiative
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The new OBSAI Analyzer allows users to conduct RF-based measurements over a fiber-optic link to locate interference affecting an RF module (RFM) by tapping into the fiber link between the RFM and baseband module.
1 of the OBSAI specification, but is ready to support future protocol line rate extensions of up to 10 Gbps using Radiocomp's market-leading IP, which will provide the high capacities needed to support the explosive growth in mobile broadband traffic.
The Open Base Station Architecture Initiative (OBSAI) has said that base station specifications covering the mechanics and functionality aspects of key modules, to complement the existing OBSAI interface specifications for the subsystem areas of Transport, Baseband and Control, are available.
Modular host units that use plug-in frequency cards to provide up to eight frequencies per system, supporting RF, CPRI or OBSAI interfaces;
Radiocomp also develops and delivers fully standards-compliant OBSAI and CPRI IP (Intellectual Property) cores, digital platforms, and reference designs for optical interfacing within distributed base station systems.
ReVerb's patented digital beam forming technology is air-interface agnostic and designed to operate with any base station through a CPRI or OBSAI standard optical interface.
Srinivasan, Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan: "Ubidyne's solution demonstrates considerable versatility and garners universal appeal, with its support for both the CPRI and OBSAI interfaces, and the platform's support for multiple standards including GSM, WCDMA, and LTE ensures that the solution caters to not just today's needs, but also tomorrow's requirements.
Several other popular protocols are supported by the development kit through the use of high-speed mezzanine cards available from Altera partners, including 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE), CPRI, OBSAI, SAS/SATA and Serial RapidIO([R]) (SRIO).
It is available with CPRI or OBSAI digital interface and one or two optical links.
DUISBURG, Germany -- mimoOn GmbH, a leader in software defined radio solutions for LTE, today announced the availability of solutions for wireless infrastructure and test & measurement equipment based on CPRI and OBSAI interfaces.
The units can be customised to meet the specific interface and packaging requirements of the OEM, including the option of OBSAI RP3-01 or CPRI digital baseband interfaces or custom OEM fibre interfaces.
For maximum flexibility, the rV300i from ReVerb and AxisNT MIMO Remote Radio Heads use CPRI and OBSAI digital interfaces to connect to OEM base station equipment.