OBSEOblivion Script Extender (computer game)
OBSEOrganization Based Self Esteem
OBSEOntology-Based Software Engineering
OBSEOff-Balance Sheet Entity
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30) "Ustnaia istoriia nezavisimogo Kyrgyzstana," Akademiia OBSE, Bishkek 2010, interview JO-A_1-1 (Kyrgyz, male, born 1926, Dzhalal-Abad), 7.
In line with the cognitive consistency and self-enhancement theories, employees with high OBSE usually consider themselves to be valuable and believe that they can meet their job demands via their organizational role (Pierce & Gardner, 2005).
Hypothesis 3: OBSE will moderate the relationship between SERPs and ERB, such that higher OBSE will strengthen the relationship between SERPs and ERB.
OBSE differs from global self-esteem and self-identity, however, because it is more situation-specific and thus is more responsive to proximal factors.
Although Thierry refers specifically to self-identity that is a broader concept than self-esteem, the second aspect of pay meaning (relative position) is especially relevant to our consideration of pay effects on OBSE.
Therefore, pre-entry P-J fit may also be associated with greater OBSE.
Institutional socialization tactics should also increase newcomers OBSE.
OBSE has been found to moderate the relationships between known organizational constructs, such as role uncertainty and outcomes (e.
In the present study, both global self-esteem and OBSE were taken into consideration.
Namely, by employing the American workers' own wording, cognitions, and feelings through the items, the OBSE and SWMSS in their current forms may represent extremely "individualistic" operationalizations of the underlying constructs.
Hypothesis 4: The level of subordinates' OBSE will be inversely related to the amount of information they seek from transformational leaders, and positively related to the amount of information they seek from transactional leaders.