OBSHOperation Black Sea Harmony (Turkey)
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Experiments for the OBSH blowing agent were done using a mass between 4.
The blowing agent OBSH reacts with the crosslinking agent during the curing reaction.
Even though different models can be used to fit the decomposition of OBSH, in this article, the auto-catalytic Kamal-Sourour (Eq, 5) is used.
NATO also uses OBSH as another way to build capacity within regional navies (in this case, those of Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine).
EPIcell exothermic chemical agents include OBSH concentrates, azodicarbonamide, and non-plateout grades.
Decomposition temperature of OBSH is near the temperature of a furnace for baking electrodeposited paint coating.
Further, in advance mixing OBSH into polyether polyol, they were agitated by a hand whip mixer and the sheet was produced.
Results from this work also suggest that for EPDM sponge, a better balance between the rate of cure and the decomposition temperature is obtained by using a combination of AC with OBSH or p-toluene sulfonhydrazide (TSH) together with the usual level of 1 to 1.
An example of an EPDM sponge compound in which DBZ and a combination of AC and OBSH has been used is shown in table 5.
OBSH was the prime CBA used in the early days of the production of nitrile-vinyl insulation tubing.
These blowing agents OBSH and ADCA are odorless, nontoxic chemical blowing agents that proved to be very useful in the development of nitrile-vinyl foams (sponge) for insulation, flotation and athletic applications.