OBSLOld Bridge Soccer League (Old Bridge, NJ)
OBSLOlney-Bethesda Soccer League (Maryland)
OBSLOutward Bound-Sri Lanka
OBSLOhio Buckeye Speedskating League (Washington Courthouse, OH)
OBSLOrridge Business Sales Limited (UK)
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OBSL is the local entity created by OBS in June 2008 to execute the project.
where TDE is the netted notional value of a firm's total derivatives exposure; OBSL is its off-balance-sheet liabilities, such as guarantees for a firm's SIVs, sponsored hedge funds, (38) or any other liability that could migrate back to the balance sheet in a time of crisis; and BSL is balance-sheet liabilities, traditionally expressed in a firm's corporate filings.
Contract Awarded for Inspection engineering, asset integrity management and advanced non destructive testing (NDT) services on two LNG tanks, one LPG tank, one butane tank and two OBSL and ISBL mechanicals.