OBSSOverlapping Basic Service Set (IEEE)
OBSSOrbiter Boom Sensor System (space shuttle)
OBSSOrigins Billion Star Survey (NASA)
OBSSOpen Business Software Solutions (Turkey)
OBSSOff Board Sensor Systems
OBSSOutward Bound Sea School (Aberdovey, North Wales)
OBSSOrdo Byantinus Sancti Sepulchr (Byzantine Order of the Holy Seplchre)
OBSSOperational Briefing Support System
OBSSOne Bundle Sliding Shelf (USPS mail sorting case)
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Caption: The OBSS Ortho-Shape lightweight back support incorporates body alignment, pressure distribution, and directional forces for comfortable postural control.
Most of the existing studies on the OBSS have focused on channel allocation or selection problems.
The new schemes would protect better against collision, but it would be hard to expect immediate performance improvement in the private OBSS environment where various legacy devices with uncoordinated management coexist.
In the OBSS environment, transmission of a frame may fail with a high probability mostly due to collision with other frames.
The wireless environment is a typical OBSS where about 40 BSSs are actively detected.
11 LAN is download traffic, and this is also true in the OBSS environment.
In the OBSS environment, a successful reception of a TCP segment may require several transmissions of 802.
However, in the OBSS environment, which is basically a congested network, this immediateness might not always be helpful because more traffic means more collisions.
In a light traffic OBSS, a TCP ACK frame is delivered to the AP with a high probability and TCP congestion control could increase the traffic rate immediately.
In the OBSS environment where retransmission is very frequent, this waiting might be very long.
The issue is then whether this effect is beneficial or harmful in the OBSS environment.
Here it is simply assumed that other APs in the OBSS environments have the same effects in both cases.