OBSTOberst (German; military rank; Colonel)
OBSTOlango Birds and Seascape Tour (est. 1998; Philippines)
OBSTOur Band Sticks Together (Long Beach Junior Concert Band, Long Beach, CA)
OBSTOrder Based Scheduling Technique(s)
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Those articles that discussed the use of OBST described the use of this technique in the rehabilitation of knee and hip neuropathy [11], muscle weakness dystrophy [14, 15, 19], ankle dorsiflexor slapping [25], foot slapping [26], spinal cord steppage [27], foot drop steppage [28], weight bearing motor control [29], and knee arthritis [30].
A total of 21 articles discuss the rehabilitation of spasticity (Hemiplegia) gait disorder, Of these 21 articles, 7, 9, and 5 describe the use of VBST, VOBST, and OBST, respectively, on the rehabilitation of this type of gait disorder, The latter 5 articles describe the use of OBST on the rehabilitation of the hemiplegia of the spinal cord [12], lower limb [49], ankle-foot [20], knee in the stance phase [50], and the ankle [51], whereas the 9 articles that describe the use of VOBST focus on the hemiplegia of the leg swing [52], multi-joint leg extension [53], lower limb [54, 55], knee rotation [56, 57], hip rotation [58], knee [59], and the knee and pelvis [60].
The articles that describe the use of OBST on the rehabilitation of this type of gait disorder focus on the paraplegia of the lower limbs [13, 18] and cerebral palsy [68].
The OBST articles focus on the parkinsonism of the gait speed [16], body movement [74], and motor fluctuations [75], whereas the VOBST articles describe the rehabilitation of parkinsonism of the shoulder joint [76] and stiff lower limbs [77].
The OBST article focused on a gait disorder with gestural ataxia [80].
SAM OBST helped preserve Wake-field's engage Super League status, then urged RL bosses to scrap relegation.