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OC1Outrigger Canoe (one person)
OC1Optical Carrier Level One
OC1Office Channel One
OC1Open Canoe (one person)
OC1Optical Carrier 1 (51 Mbps leased line; also seen as OC-1)
OC1Oblique Classifier 1
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2006) but approximately double that reported for OC1 paddling with a stroke rate-dependent range of 44 to 90 cm (Stanton et al.
Para la construccion del modelo de prediccion aplicando el algoritmo OC1 (Oblique Classifier 1) se utilizo la implementacion disponible en http://www.
0 (melanomas), BB49-HNC (squamous cell head and neck carcinoma), LB11/ OC1 (small-cell lung carcinoma), LB905-BLC (bladder carcinoma), and LB1828-RCC (renal cell carcinoma) were from the Brussels branch of the Ludwig Institute.
The modules support transmission speeds of OC1, Fast Ethernet, OC3, OC12, Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet.
We have also integrated PROGOL [Muggleton 1995], CN2, PEBLS, and OC1 (the latter three are available in the MLC++ library [Kohavi 1996]).
The hitting rate on R-F-H trials compared to the other trials is relatively high for OC1 (.
The slowest SONET speed designation is OC1, a speed of 51.