OC6Outrigger Canoe (six person)
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57, Ottawa, ON K1A OC6, Canada) derived a linear model to describe the thermal inactivation of Listeria in bovine whole milk in a high-temperature short-time (HTST) pilot-scale pasteurizer.
Signal Technology's millimeter wave transceivers are incorporated into its customers' fiber-like wireless networks which provide ultra high capacity systems delivering high speed integrated data, video and voice payloads from DS3 (45Mbps) to OC6 (311Mbps).
CWALT ISSUANCES - 2005-20CB, 2005-21CB, 2005-41, 2005-56, 2005-74T1, 2005-81, 2005-AR1, 2005-J9, 2006-20CB, 2006-37R, 2006-41CB, 2006-HY12, 2006-J7, 2006-OA11, 2006-OA16, 2006- OA17, 2006-OA19, 2006-OC1, 2006-OC2, 2006-OC4, 2006- OC6, 2006-OC8, 2007-17CB, 2007-23CB, 2007-24, 2007-5CB,2007-OA7