OCALCOklahoma City Air Logistics Center (usually seen as OC-ALC)
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to GS-14; OCALC /FMA Geoffroy, Esther, to GS-14; ESC/ FMAR Gibson, Glenda, to GS-13; OO-ALC/ FMHMAFB Haney, Jeffrey, to GS-13; ASC / FM Harrop, Natalie, to GS-12; OO-ALC/ FMHLGM Holloway, Theodore, to Lt Col; ASC/ FM Houston-Reyes, Tina, to GS-12; 311th HSW/FM Jackson, Jennifer, to GS-12; WR-ALC/ FM Johnson, Deborah, to GS-12; OCALC/FMHLGI Johnson, Norma, to GS-12; WR-ALC/ FM Jones, Brenda, to GS-14; OC-ALC/ FMHMAF Keighley, Cleo, to GS-14; ASC/FM Lobertini, Mike, to GS-12; WR-ALC/ FM McDonald, Debbie, to GS-13; WRALC /FM Mitchell, Jeremy, to GS-12; ASC/FM Mitchell, Shannon, to GS-12; ASC/FM Mutchler, Jason, to GS-12; ASC/FM Natches, Mary, to GS-13; ESC/JSX Oko, Tom, to GS-12; ESC/NDX Parson, Tammy L.
The OCALC organic PSCM Team is augmented by a variety of external resources including RAND, BearingPoint, (formerly known as KPMG Consulting, Inc), Logistics Management Institute, Dynamics Research Corporation, and representatives from the Office of the Secretary of Defense's Change Management Center.