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OCAMComisión Centroamericana de Directores de Migración (Spanish: Central American Commission of Directors of Migration; formerly Organización Centroamericana de Migración)
OCAMOrganisation Commune Africaine et Malgache
OCAMOrganización Centroamericana de Migración (Spanish: Central American Organization for Migration; now Comisión Centroamericana de Directores de Migración)
OCAMOrgane de Coordination pour l'Analyse de la Menace (French, Belgian antiterrorist group)
OCAMoffice, computing and accounting machinery
OCAMOptimal Control Applications and Methods
OCAMOctave Chanute Aerospace Museum (Rantoul, Illinois)
OCAMOrganic Certification Association of Montana
OCAMOrganization for Children and Adolescent Mothers
OCAMOntario Centre for Advanced Manufacturing (Canada)
OCAMOccupy Conservative America Movement
OCAMOrganisation Commune Africain et Mauricienne (French: Common African and Mauritian Organization)
OCAMOficina Conforto Ambiental
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The substitution towards OCAM capital was not limited to only the eight computer-using sectors.
Table V decomposes the growth contribution of OCAM into the nominal share and the growth rate for 1947-1973 and 1973-1991.
Computers are an investment good, which is directly accounted for in the OCAM capital services, but computers are also an intermediate good that is included in [M.
A second reason is that OCAM only includes computers in the literal sense, e.
This section examines the relationship between OCAM investment and MFP growth.
The results in Table VI support the growth accounting results, Baily and Gordon [1988] and Berndt and Morrison [1995] as the data show little relationship between OCAM growth and MFP growth.
With 77% of all OCAM services concentrated in three service sectors where output is notoriously hard to measure (Trade, FIRE, and Other Services), mismeasurement of service output probably contributes to the weak findings.
The analysis focuses on private, business investment in OCAM and the direct growth impact from investment and accumulation of computer capital.
l, n, t] represents capital services from all assets except OCAM and [K.
They focus on Computer and Peripheral Equipment, a subaggregate of OCAM, which explains the slightly different growth contribution.
Data was not available for OCAM investment for Government Enterprises.
The System 3100 is used for internal message handling both at Cambridge and between the other OCAM sites.