OCASEOntario Computer Animation & Special Effects (Tax Credit)
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And while the Anaheim Arsenals, LA Avengers, US Men's Volleyball Team, XMA Tae Kwon Do, EuroGymnastics, Joker's Self Defense Academy and Magic 32 School Players are center-court doing live demonstrations, visitors to OCASE will learn more about sports resources and the products available to them.
It is the mission of the Orange County All-Sports Foundation for Exhibitors to have the opportunity to publicize and expand their products and influence through OCASE and contribute to Goodwill of Orange County and the Special Olympics.
OCASE allows Exhibitors to present their products, get an edge on the competition, and capitalize on the power of meeting face-to-face with over 2000 attendees from their target demographic - the "Sports Community", all in one day.
Experience how being an OCASE Exhibitor can meet your unique marketing and advertising goals by visiting us online at http://www.
OCASE will be Bringing Athletes and Excellence Together.
OCASE 2007 is hosted by the Orange County All Sports Foundation and all of the proceeds generated from the event will be donated to the "Special Olympics" and "Challenged Athletes Foundation.