OCASTOklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology
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At OCAST, we are proud to support the peer-reviewed work conducted at Charlesson," said Michael Carolina, OCAST executive director.
Charlesson, LLC does not claim to speak for NIH, NSF, OCAST, and/or the University of Oklahoma.
OCAST Executive Director Michael Carolina said, "It has been 20 years since Oklahoma voters approved a state-funded seed capital program.
OCAST executive director Michael Carolina explained, "OCAST's goal is to see Oklahoma become a leader in new technologies, science, research, and development.
EPA (1), and OCAST (3) totaling nearly $580,000 dispersed over the next several years.
We're honored to receive this affirmation from OCAST and OTCC and will continue to draw on the talented researchers at the University of Oklahoma to create important, useful laser products.
OCAST awarded an Oklahoma State University (OSU)-Sciperio team a three-year project to create a Bluetooth developers' kit.
The TBFP is administered by the Oklahoma Technology Commercialization Center (OTCC) under contract with OCAST.
OKLAHOMA CITY) Pure Protein LLC Receives OCAST Grant for $250,000
Pure Protein LLC, an Oklahoma City- based biomedical technology company, has received a one-year award of $250,000 from OCAST, the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology, to develop Class II MHC specificities (HLA Molecules).