OCAWOil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers (Union)
OCAWOrganization of Chinese American Women (Bethesda, MD)
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was an OCAW business agent during the workday and signed people up for the IWW during the weekend.
After an introduction and a first chapter that describes the positive pre-lockout relations between labor and management as well as the negative feelings for environmentalists among OCAW workers, who before the dispute viewed demands for a healthy workplace as threatening to high-paying jobs, Minchin divides his book into six additional chapters each correlating to one year of the BASF lockout and which together trace the rise of this labor-environmentalist alliance.
Thanks in no small part to Mazzocchi's years of effort--and the willingness of OCAW to pour its resources into the drive--the Labor Party founding convention could boast endorsements from OCAW, UE, the Brotherhood of Maintenance of the Way Employees, the International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union, the California Nurses Association, the American Federation of Government Employees, the United Mine Workers of America, the International Brotherhood of Dupont Workers, and the Textile Processors, Service Trades, Health Care, Professional, and Technical Employees International Union.
After intermittent bargaining, the OCAW rejected the first two offers from Amoco.
Becoming an OCAW member in 1950 on May Day, Mazzocchi was elected to local and national positions within the union.
In 1993, HRG and OCAW petitioned for new regulations, and in 1997 filed a lawsuit to force an emergency rulemaking.
Dave Campbell, an OCAW delegate from the Nevada/Southern California region and chair of the Electoral Strategy Commission, justified the national veto by saying that the national veto was not intended to squash Labor Party candidacies but was needed to protect unions whose members' dues support the party but cannot legally be used for electoral campaigns.
Contractors in the oil and chemical industry are also hard to organize, says Dick Leonard of OCAW.
Tesoro intends to retain the nearly 300 refinery employees in their current or similar assignments and will honor the existing collective bargaining agreement with OCAW that expires in 2002.
In announcing the agreement, PACE President Boyd Young and Executive Vice President Robert Wages (formerly OCAW President) stated: "We are pleased that the four and one-half year old lockout of our members at the Pasadena plant has come to an end.