OCBOOffice of Communications Business Opportunities
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Since managers define performance more broadly than 'in-role' behavior, OCBs (both OCBOs and OCBIs) are expected to have an impact on performance ratings.
But in this study it has been assumed that procedural justice will be positively associated with OCBI and OCBO.
H2b: procedural justice will have significant positive effect on employee OCBO in higher educational institution
H3b: the interactional justice will have significant positive effect on OCBO in higher education
It has been conceptualized that the distributive, procedural, and interactional justice influenced both OCBI and OCBO.
The questionnaire was consisted of three parts: (i) demographic characteristics of the respondents, (ii) measuring the OCBO and OCBI, and (iii) measuring the distributive justice, procedural justice, and interactional justice.
For OCBO and OCBI behaviors, they have been measured by using 16 items based on Lee and Allen (2002).
One example of an OCBO item is, "[This employee] provides constructive suggestions about how our work group can improve.
Marginal evidence for the differential prediction of OCBO and OCBI consistent with our hypothesis was shown for POS.
We hypothesized that the relationship between POS and OCBO would be stronger than that between POS and OCBI.
Additionally, hierarchical regression analyses were conducted using OCBO and OCBI as separate dependent variables, with age, race, gender, and tenure used as control variables.
After controlling for age, gender, race, and tenure, the addition of POS at step two yielded a significant F and a positive beta for both OCBI and OCBO (helping/OCBI: [delta]F= 6.