OCEROffice of Communication, Education and Radiation Programs (formerly Office of Health and Industry Programs; US FDA)
OCEROzark Country Endurance Riders (various locations)
OCEROwners Committee on Electric Rates
OCEROffice of Community-Based Education and Research
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DiCapua, senior vice president of Atco Properties & Management, who is the president of the OCER.
DiCapua says OCER was instrumental in defeating a proposal for weather normalization the last two times it was proposed.
It appears to us that OCER members were eliminating a geographic area," he said.
Spall says the OCER was one of the parties that signed off on that agreement.
Currently, the Con Ed steam rates are frozen, explained DiCapua, and will stay that way under a rate agreement negotiated at the insistence of the OCER for the next two years ending September 30, 2000, before rising by about 3.
It was OCER, together with the PSC, which signed agreements with Con Edison providing for the cumulative eight-year moratorium on rate increases that we have been enjoying up to now.
It was also conrmed that ocers are still in the process of identifying all the owners of the safety deposit boxes, with only 30 being identied so far.
Among those receiving the award area team of ocers who had tracked down a convicted sex o[euro]ender who groomed and kidnapped a schoolgirl.
Prosecutor Heather Gilmore told Bradford Crown Court that during the search of the property in Malham Road, ocers found a tent for growing in a rear bedroom.
Detective Inspector Wendy Tinkler said the ocers had raced against the clock to secure charges against the oender working for almost 23 hours by the time they sought CPS advice in relation to the case.
Ocers then wrote to the man Malik claimed was his mechanic, only to have the letter returned saying he no longer lived at the address given.
e jury heard the woman told other ocers that the sex was "consensual" after he oered to take her for a glass of water after a night out drinking.