OCGSOntario Council on Graduate Studies (Council of Ontario Universities; Canada)
OCGSOakland County Genealogical Society (Oakland County, Michigan)
OCGSOxford and Cambridge Golfing Society
OCGSOklahoma City Geological Society, Inc. (est. 1921; Oklahoma City, OK)
OCGSOffice of the Chief of the General Staff (various locations)
OCGSOro Christian Grace School (China)
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This caused problems because it meant that Brock's program, which had been approved by the OCGS, did not mirror that described in the original UB proposal and hence did not align with the program that had already been approved by SUNY and NYSED.
Although Brock shared its OCGS submission with us at UB, we did not notice these discrepancies until after SUNY and NYSED had issued their approvals.
In each OCGS, there is a variety of subsystems with complex structures and interrelations.
MSE, according to its developers, is the only feasible methodology for dealing with open complex giant systems (OCGSs); in each OCGS, there is a large variety of subsystems with hierarchical structures and complex interrelations.