OCLAOrange Coast Leather Assembly (California)
OCLAOffice of Civil Legal Aid (Washington)
OCLAOntario Criminal Lawyers Association (Canada)
OCLAOffice of Congressional and Legislative Affairs
OCLAOrange County Library Association (California)
OCLAOhio Club Lamb Association (Winchester, Ohio)
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I've created a Twitter handle for EdCamp OCLA, and I've been tweeting announcements and reminding people about upcoming events.
Four days before EdCamp OCLA in January 2012, Apple's iBooks Author was announced, which gives classroom teachers the ability to author their own books.
SELAK: One of my favorite parts from EdCamp OCLA in January was that a handful of colleagues who couldn't make it in person were following along through a Google Plus hangout, a live stream feed, or just communicating via Twitter.
ivanovii will also produce blue colony halos on OCLA (ISO).
For further information about OCLA (ISO) and the wide range of products available from Oxoid for the growth, detection, isolation and identification of Listeria and other food-borne pathogens:
OCLA detects B-glucosidase activity, common to all Listeria species, and the lecithinase activity of L.
Together, ONE Broth and OCLA provide presumptive identification of Listeria species in just 48 hours--up to 3 days earlier than traditional methods.
OCLA has been validated and approved for use by AFNOR (ref 2).
For further information about OCLA and other Oxoid products for the isolation and identification of Listeria spp.