OCOLOffice of the Commissioner of Official Languages (Canada)
OCOLOrganic Chemistry On Line (website)
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According to the OCOL model, Bob always speaks English and Aiko always speaks Japanese.
The OCOL model was tested with the help of 4 children and 8 teachers, in a Saturday morning Japanese school in London (U.
Two of the teachers who had used CALL before commented that the OCOL system was different from any other system they had seen because of the use of two languages, side by side.
The study we presented in this paper shows that the OCOL model constitutes a good step toward achieving this goal.
In its March 2001 report, the committee mentioned the existence of "several" officers of Parliament, with the "principal" ones being the OAC, the OCEO, the OCOL, the OIC and the OPC.
In its June 2003 report on the problems in the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, the Commons standing committee on government operations and estimates listed only the five main agencies--the OAG, the OCEO, the OCOL, the OIC and the OPC--as officers of Parliament.
The exceptions are the report from the OAG, which is reviewed by the Commons public accounts committee, and the report from the OCOL, which is reviewed annually by the joint committee of the House of Commons and the Senate on official languages.
The mandates of the OCOL, the OIC and the OPC need to be extended to cover such public-private arrangements so as to ensure that citizens have their rights protected and that accountability is maintained when governments have delegated public power to outside organizations.
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