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OCONUSOutside the Continental United States
OCONUSOutside Contiguous United States
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Soldiers are projected to return to the installation where they were stationed prior to completing a dependent-restricted 12-month OCONUS short tour and 2) Advance assignment.
There are a number of advantages to working OCONUS, including revenue diversification related to regional economic trends; the ability to build a strong worldwide response and logistical resume and the opportunity to find new and interesting opportunities," said Herndon.
OCONUS Non-Industrial--Commander, Fleet Activities, Sasebo (CFAS), Japan
Identify a few selected routes to use as representative of all traffic from CONUS to each of the OCONUS regions.
Thomas Klincar, Dean of Academics at the NATO School, delivered a timely and informative discussion of the international geo-political situation, a topic near to the hearts of all living and working in OCONUS in Europe.
Warrant Officers Available for Consideration for the Assignment Time on Station Name (months) Factors CW2 Adams 42 Approved for retirement CW2 Jones 41 Joint domicile CW2 Johnson 39 Promotable CW2 Miller 38 Available CW2 Marks 38 EFMP--cannot be assigned to that location CW2 Negron 37 Available CW2 Nelson 35 Serving in engineer battalion CW2 Pitt 32 Available CW2 Pyle 30 Last OCONUS tour was long tour CW2 Zain 30 Newly promoted
The contractor will utilize the NMCI CONUS technical solution and best industry practices to minimize the overall total cost of ownership of the BLII OCONUS Information Technology enterprise.
The Ml Corps is at a high state of readiness, whether it is the Ml National Guard battalion providing intelligence support to Task Force Eagle in Bosnia, the Ml soldier serving in Korea, those serving with joint or combined commands, our Ml soldiers providing intelligence to national-level agencies, or those serving in CONUS or OCONUS, in both Active and Reserve status.
Currently, Level I AT awareness training is only required for persons/units deploying OCONUS.
Specifically, the Coast Guard will use this agreement to acquire command and control systems, audio/video telecommunication systems, display systems engineering, design, configuration, installation, testing, training, support services and end-to-end communication solutions at various CONUS and OCONUS locations.
The award narrative states the award was for providing 'best value' pricing on contracts, along with offering additional services, including deep stock of inventory allowing shortened delivery times, OCONUS delivery of goods and custom kitting.