OCOPOklahoma Concert of Prayer
OCOPOfficial Committee on Occupational Pensions (HM Treasury, UK)
OCOPOrigami Club of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA)
OCOPOrganometallic Catalysts and Olefin Polymerization (symposium)
OCOPOffice of Community Outreach and Partnerships (Georgia State University; Atlanta, GA)
OCOPOffice of Community Outreach Programs (est. 1999; Harvard Medical School; Boston, MA)
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OCoPs that support tacit knowledge development, sharing ideas and problem solving are most valued among members (David et al, 2012; Sinclair and Levett-Jones, 2011; Hoffmann et al, 2011; Valaitis et al, 2011).
Equally, OCoPs are evolving digital habitats and the possibilities to shape future practice are still being imagined, offering opportunities for further research to build this emerging body of knowledge (Wenger et al, 2009).
The Activity Theory framework provided a useful theoretical lens for evaluating and comparing designed and built oCoPs with design and implementation processes.