OCPACOklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee
OCPACOrange County Performing Arts Center
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The dancers and some of the choreographers had a monthlong residency at OCPAC last August.
The oldest of the three, OCPAC, began in 1991, as just a meeting of two men, me and one other, and has met every Wednesday but one for over 19 years.
OCPAC formed from the lunch group with an agenda, and for this purpose--to promote and support constitutionalists in the state legislature who oppose expansive government, while at the same time promoting liberty, free-market economics, and Judeo-Christian standards.
He believes that no other PAC has been able to accomplish what OCPAC has--to help hold state legislators accountable to their constitutional oaths.
In the past five election cycles, OCPAC interviewed 140-150 Republican candidates for office, and of those, they found that 15-20 had a well-developed conservative ideology before they came, another 15-20 had a halfway developed conservative ideology, and the rest didn't have a clue what conservatism means, or why they were even Republican.
OCPAC is a nonprofit complex built entirely through private funding and donations, and it neither solicits nor receives any government financial support.
OCPAC must raise $1 million annually to support the dance program, and ticket sales are expected to cover as much as 70 to 78 percent of expenses.
ONE KEY TO SUCCESS AT OCPAC IS balancing the fare and refusing to underestimate the community's receptiveness.
Hairspray (M) OCPAC ($69; 2,977; $1,400,662) (10/12/04-10/24/04).
Thoroughly Modern Millie (M) OCPAC ($64; 2,965; $1,360,889) (7/26/04-8/1/04).