OCPWOliver Chilled Plow Works (Indiana)
OCPWOffice of the Chief of Psychological Warfare (US DoD)
OCPWOverlay Co-Planar Waveguide
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Acronyms: C1H = upper canine height; C1L = upper canine anteroposterior length; COM3 = condyle to M3; JL = jaw length; OCPW = occipital width; SL = skull length; TFL = temporal fossa length; TRL = tooth row length; ZAW = zygomatic arch width; JH = jaw height; MFL = masseteric fossa length; MAT = moment arm of temporalis; PC, principal component.
Other sizeable increases in OCPW of 22 per cent were registered in Cairo in Egypt and Al Khobar in Saudi Arabia, which DTZ analysts said were driven
Moreover, the Conference of States Parties Convention recognized the "negative consequences of the late payment of assessed contributions on the operational activities" of the OCPW in a December 2009 statement.