OCSOOrange County Sheriff's Office (Florida)
OCSOOntario County Sheriff's Office
OCSOOrdo Cisterciensium Strictioris Observantiae (Latin: Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance; Catholic religious order)
OCSOOrder of Cistercians of the Strict Observance, Trappists and Trappistines (religious order)
OCSOOff-Campus Student Organization (The College of New Jersey; Ewing, NJ)
OCSOOnondaga Civic Symphony Orchestra (Baldwinsville, NY)
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The same description of the meetings as published in Merton's Asian Journal has been also included in the last volume of Merton's personal diaries, see Patrick Hart OCSO (ed.
Lopez's duty gear is the standard issue worn by about 80-percent of the uniformed deputies on OCSO, dark nylon Uncle Mike's with a level III holster containing an issue Glock 22 loaded with Federal Classic .
The majority (69 percent) of OCSO Taser deployments occurred in response to level four (active physical) resistance.
The book is a blow-by-blow account by Bernardo Olivera, OCSO, at that time the abbot general of the Trappists (Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance which follows the Rule of St.
SPENCER - Father Henry Scarborough, OCSO, a Trappist monk of St.
James Conner, OCSO, Abbey of Gethsemani, makes the initial introductions, reiterating the invitation and its coming rewards: "Thomas Merton can show us the way to return to the original stance regarding creation.
Could the first two OCSO deputies have taken cover, drawn their guns and held the ostensibly unarmed man at gunpoint until more backup arrived, instead of getting close?
When OCSO deputies arrived on the scene, the man's brother was waiting in a pickup truck at the house.
Upcoming retreats: "Hearing The Word of God," James Behrens, OCSO, June 1-8; "Toward The Healing of Christianity": A Jungian Christian Dialogue," Don Bisson FMS, D.
The OCSO assigned a community police officer to the gated communities.
It happens that Cunningham's book was published shortly after The Intimate Merton, by Brother Patrick Hart, OCSO, and Jonathan Montaldo, came off the press.
SPENCER - Father Kizito Thompson, OCSO, a Trappist monk of St.