ODASISOffice of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Information Systems
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The most important thing is showing the students how to take notes and that's what we do," he says, adding that ODASIS students further their understanding of biology and chemistry studies by also taking mandatory courses over the summer.
During their sophomore year at Rutgers, participating students are encouraged to apply to the first phase of an ODASIS program called Access-Med: a joint program offered by Rutgers and Seton Hall universities and the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.
Hinds adds that ODASIS programs offer more individualized instruction in the sciences, which is exactly what students need since many classes enroll hundreds of students.
What makes all of our programs unique through ODASIS, Seton Hall and certainly Robert Wood, is the effort to provide a very supportive environment and we provide the academic assistance that the students need to be successful.
This year, ODASIS received grant funding from the Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey, Rutgers, Robert Wood, the Johnson & Johnson Co.