ODCEOf the Director of Corporate Enforcement (Ireland)
ODCEOhio Digital Commons for Education
ODCEOptimum Design of Crossbreeding Experiments (genetics)
ODCEOwen Dixon Chambers East (legal chambers; Australia)
ODCEOpen Distributed Computing Environments (University of Helsinki; Finland)
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In a statement Mr Howlin added: "Out of 13,000 gardai in the country, the notion that one can't be found to head up our investigations of white-collar crime within the ODCE is not credible.
The ODCE index consists of 18 funds with 1,844 real estate investments totaling $104.
The ODCE returns are detailed in the attached Snapshot Report showed:
Last February, the ODCE said that it had endorsed the assistance of the Gardai from the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation under Section 20 of the 1990 Companies Act, to raid the bank's Dublin headquarters.
In a world still structured by mean-variance optimization, the industry has yet to develop a return benchmark for private infrastructure assets, akin to the NCREIF ODCE.
Before fees, second-quarter ODCE total return was 4.
Head of the ODCE Paul Appleby strongly rejected suggestions that his investigation, which began in February 2009, was dragging on.
I do think we will need an examination as to how this went wrong and why those mistakes were made by the ODCE, absolutely.
The two are differentiated, at least in part, by the fund level considerations and leverage within ODCE, which are excluded in unleveraged property-level returns of the NPI.
However, the funds that make up the ODCE index carry leverage against their properties of about 30%, which exaggerated the decline.
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He said: "It is truly shocking to learn witnesses were coached and that the ODCE, in the words of the judge, 'completely lost sight of the nature and extent of the evidence in relation to guilt and innocence'.