ODCTEOklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education
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The instrument used for section one was developed by the researchers and consisted of 26 skills which were derived from the ODCTE, OD46903 (2006).
However, the previously mentioned requirements are considered by the ODCTE and the ODHS to be essential components for most TANF recipients to complete in order to be successful in their career and technical training and employment.
However, a study I conducted as TANF coordinator for the ODCTE proved that career and technical training paid in two ways.
The success of these two individuals can be seen repeated in the performance statistics collected by the student accounting system of the ODCTE.
The treatment group was pre-determined through selection of instructors by ODCTE staff, i.
These teachers were instructed by ODCTE state staff members to become familiar with the modules pertaining to animal science and horticulture prior to the beginning of the up-coming fall semester.
For example, treatment teachers were selected purposefully by ODCTE state staff, which affected generalizability of the study due to non-randomization of the treatment teachers.